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Split systems versus ducted in the world of home comfort

If you’re wanting to control the temperature in a single room or space, or throughout your entire home, office or commercial space then you will have two main choices when it comes to air conditioning systems: A Hi Wall Split System or a Ducted Split System.

Both of them will do a great job of providing temperature control, but there are many differences between the two. While both of these systems operate under essentially the same principles, installation is very different.

Ducted air conditioning requires ducting throughout the whole house, vents installed in each room, as well as the central unit installed outside. Because of the extensive work, it is often easier to design air conditioning for houses and businesses with ducting from the outset, rather than retrofit it.

While retrofitting isn’t the ideal it is a very possible solution with the latest technologies and AMP’T HVAC Technicians can do this for you, so don’t discount this option if you do want a ducted system. Talk with our team and we can work through a range of solutions. For existing homes split systems tend to be easier to install. Your home will still have to be modified with holes made for the piping, but this is less significant than ductwork. Because the internal units are connected with piping, ducted systems are more invasive and require additional piping to enable the air to travel further to different rooms. Each room, or rooms (Multi split system) will have an evaporator unit mounted on the wall, instead of the vents that ducted units have.

When you include equipment and installation costs, ducted systems tend to be more expensive upfront, especially for smaller applications. As the building gets bigger, these costs reverse, and a ducted system will become cheaper than installing a split system in each area.

Ducted air conditioning systems designed for the residential market are becoming more sophisticated and less obtrusive. There is a range of ducted solutions and our team are leaders in both the design of systems and the installation of them. We can work alongside your architect or architectural designer and ensure your home is ready from the outset.

Check out Air Smart a leading innovator in the ducted residential market. The AirSmart system distributes air evenly across a room and their minimal air grilles integrate seamlessly into your design, allowing clean lines and uninterrupted spaces.

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