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Founder Brent Adler had a vision back in 2006.


That vision included:

  • Attracting the best talent he could in the electrical field.  Now that includes accomplished experts in the Solar, HVAC and Fire Protection arena too

  • To continuously provide the highest standard of quality customer care 

  • To innovate and continuously improve how things are done 

True to his word he has made that happen. What that means is at AMP’T it’s about providing the highest standard of workmanship, taking care of the local community, looking at new and improved ways of doing things, staying cost effective and ensuring customers are king.  


What Brent also knows is to have a high performing company with a reputation for excellence comes down to the people who come to work everyday and do a quality job from electricians to office support and everyone in between.  This success story is also about them and their dedication and commitment to excellence.  A great company relies on great people and that’s really what AMP’T is all about.


Milestones have been met and divisions meticulously crafted to provide exceptional services across AMP’T Electrical, Solar, AMP’T HVAC and AMP’T Fire Protection Services:


  • AMP’T Electrical - established 2006  in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty - now also operates across the Waikato and Auckland.

  • AMP’T HVAC - joined forces with Dave Theobald to create the HVAC focussed tranche of the company in 2017 

Where to from here?

It’s easy to get carried away with being bigger and better but you have to keep your feet on the ground too and keep doing the everyday things right. We’re passionate about continuing to take care of our valued customers and we want to make sure we focus on their success and our communities success as well.


We sincerely wish that when you use AMP’T in whatever capacity you’re 100% pleased you chose the right team.

electricians tauranga.jpg
electricians tauranga.jpg

our TEAM

The Amp'T Group is made up of a range of qualified people who are very passionate about providing high quality and efficient services and are committed to meeting our customers’ high standards and expectations.


Our team strive to provide solutions to various situations through being innovative and continually advancing their skills and technology. It is our goal to conduct business in such a way that will reflect positively on our community.




Meet Brent. Known for his sense of humor,  love of all things electrical and his dedication to working hard and playing hard. Brent prides himself on making sure the job is done right and to his credit that's why AMP'T is now across the country in three regions.

"I want to make sure the clients thoughts are at the forefront of each and every project so they end up getting the result they desired".

His passion for the industry is evident with his focus on developing talent within his team. "I enjoy seeing others do well in the industry and want to acknowledge this by opening other parts of the business up to the right staff that share the same vision". 

Outside of work he's a keen golfer, enjoys catching up with friends and loves a beer and over summer days getting out on the lake. In recent years golf has taken a back seat with his young family taking his focus. He's a complimentary bloke and says his wife Amber is his rock. making sure the family and home are in check when he's working long hours.

brent adler.jpg
  • Design, supply and installation 

  • New installations

  • Retrofit installations

  • Brands – Daikin and Mitsubishi

Brent is  .....sdkjskjdkaljsdksja

short bio here



At AMP'T Group we're always on the hunt for talent  Our focus is building the best team and expertise.

If you are interested in developing a career within the electrical, HVAC or Fire industry and have a can do attitufe and value teamwork then we want to hear from you.




Meet Dave. if you have come into contact with him recently you will know he is pretty happy with his first hole in one on the golf course. But when he's not out on the greens trying to do it again, you will find him pouring over HVAC plans, designing new systems and ensuring the install has run smoothly. 


Back in 2017 Dave and Brent joined forces and began AMP'T HVAC. The team haven't looked back and Dave loves the challenge of continuing to build the brand and the business.


Many don't realise that Dave is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and that's why he can do everything from woe to go (Design right through to install). The expertise and knowledge he brings to the HVAC team mean they can conquer some pretty interesting and innovative projects.


Whether it's a commercial project or a clients home Dave's passion is ensuring clients get the right system detailed, scoped and installed to budget. 

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