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Split system heat pumps

Largely all heat pumps function along the same lines, and for the end consumer you require the units to either heat or cool an area of your choosing. The heat pump brings air from the room to the unit, and then either heats or cools the air as it is pushed back out into a space. There are several options available in the market for heating and cooling just one space, or any number of rooms.

Heating & cooling a single space

Single room

High wall units

These are the most common heat pumps available. They have two components: one inside that gives heating/cooling, and the other end which is outside your house.


As the name suggests, these are designed to sit high on a wall and blow air out the bottom of the unit through a set of adjustable louvres.

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Floor consoles

Using the same principles as a high wall unit, but the indoor unit is located on, or just above, the floor. The air comes out of the unit through a louvre at the top of the unit and one extra louvre near the bottom.

Heating & cooling many rooms 


Ducted systems

These systems use the same principle as above but the indoor unit is inside the ceiling cavity. A series of ducts are run from this to move the air to any room of your choosing, with a grille installed on the ceiling which is the outlet. Ducted units also have larger square grilles installed which allow the air to be returned to the indoor unit for heating or cooling.


Ducted units provide a whole-house heating option and can be upgraded to allow individual control to each room if desired.

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Ducted systems

Multi-split heat pumps

These use the same heating principles but, you have multiple indoor units to one singular outdoor unit. The indoor units can be a selection of high wall, floor console and ducted units.


This is one way to get heating and cooling options into multiple rooms of a house. However, if this option is chosen, be aware that if one room is heating then another room cannot be cooling, as there is only one outdoor unit.

Ventilation for your home


Fresh air system

This is a system that uses a fan, filter and ducting to move air from outside to various rooms of a house. We bring in outside air, filter it and then using ducting and grilles move it to any location. We install grilles as an outlet for this. Bear in mind, the air is not heated or cooled by this method. This is controlled by either a switch or a 3-speed controller.

Positive pressure system

This works similar to the fresh air system above but instead of bringing in fresh air, it brings in air from the ceiling cavity, filters it and then disperses the air to any location using ducting and grilles.

Heat transfer kit

This is another system that uses fans and ducting to move air, but uses a thermostat in the main are where there is heating; the fan starts and stops based on a set temperature. This then moves the air from the main area to other areas of the house. This means there is a grille in the main area and then other grilles in areas where the air is to be moved to.

Balanced system

This is the premium ventilation system. The air in the house is balanced out by removing old stale air and replacing it with filtered fresh air. This is done using ducting and grilles and can be fully customised to meet customer needs.

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