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New Showhome opens

Classic Builders new showhome has opened at 19 Sunline Drive, Pukekura in Cambridge. With four bedrooms, two living spaces, two bathrooms the home is a great example of what can be achieved for a large family home.

The home is split into two wings with the living wing - kitchen, dining and lounge spaces and the bedroom and utility wing. We've had the pleasure of doing the electrical and HVAC for this project and bringing the Classic Builders design teams specification for the project to life.

Approaching a new build project of any scale is a daunting experience. Understanding where to start, who to involve and what steps to take, it can feel complicated and overwhelming. We work alongside Classic Builders across many of their Waikato and Bay of Plenty projects to bring their clients vision to life.

This home was completed during the pandemic and so we faced challenges with supply chains but managed to ensure the home was delivered on time. We provided an integrated ducted HVAC system to the home ensuring temperature control all year round. Feature lighting including pendants, LED strip lighting create ambience throughout the home.

If you are looking to build a home then definitely head along to this exciting new showhome.



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