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EV Charging from the comfort of your home

Hey there, homeowner! Thinking about the benefits of having an EV charger in your home? Well, let me tell you, it's a smart move, whether you're planning for the future or giving your home a little upgrade.

First and foremost, let's talk convenience. Having an EV charger right at home means you can effortlessly charge your electric vehicle while you snooze peacefully at night. No more hassle of heading to a public charging station or stressing over finding an available spot.

Around 85% of EV drivers now charge at home. Why? And you know what's even better? The cost savings! Charging your EV at home can actually be cheaper than using those public charging stations or buying gas. You can take advantage of those sweet off-peak electricity rates and save some serious money on fuel costs over time.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise in New Zealand and are becoming more common on our roads, thanks to their ability to help reduce carbon emissions. Whether you already have an EV, are planning to get one, or simply want to make your home future-ready, then EV Home charger is a must-have.

Weatherproof and robust, they can be installed outside or in your garage and lets you charge an electric vehicle faster, more reliably and with greater safety than with a domestic socket outlet.

And having an EV charger can actually increase the purchasing value of your home. As electric vehicles become more popular, folks are on the lookout for homes with charging capabilities. So, installing that charger can give your home a real edge in the market.

But it's not just about your pocketbook—it's about the planet too. Electric vehicles are a win for the environment, and charging your EV at home means you're reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part for a cleaner, greener world. That's something to feel good about!

All in all, having an EV charger at home is a no-brainer. It's a smart investment that saves you money, adds value to your home, and helps the environment—all while giving you the convenience and flexibility you need for your electric vehicle.

So why wait? Take the leap and power up your home with an EV charger! Your wallet, your home's value, and the planet will thank you for it. Happy charging!

Talk with one of our team today about retrofitting and EV Charger to your home or including one in your new build. Call us today on 0508 222 678



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