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Career focus | Tom's HVAC apprenticeship

In his fourth year of his apprenticeship with the HVAC team, Tommy made the decision to take on an HVAC apprenticeship with AMP’T and hasn’t looked back. Initially working on residential projects with guidance he’s now taking the lead on larger commercial projects. Tommy will complete his apprenticeship in early 2022.

How did you find the job?:

“I was looking for a job on Trade Me and came across the role. I did a bit of research as I didn’t know a lot about it and thought, the role was gonna use your brain so that’s pretty cool, plus it’s quite physical”.

How do you find the study aspects of your apprenticeship?

It’s not too tough. It’s more about making time to do it.

What do you like about your role?

The variety. I work across a range of projects so there’s always something new. I do prefer commercial to residential though. Working for AMP”T - how do you rate it?

It’s good. It’s busy too. Sometimes it’s long hours because there’s so much happening in this industry, but it’s worth it and the teams good.

Key highlights during your time at AMP’T?

The current project i’m working on. It’s an apartment complex in Fourth Avenue, Tauranga. It’s challenging but it’s definitely something I will be proud of into the future. The project is definitely time driven and taking responsibility to get the job done and hitting targets is my role. It completes in November so I am looking forward to the end result.

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