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Planning your new homes exterior lighting

Exterior lighting brings façades and outdoor spaces to life. Your Architectural Designer or Architect may have suggested or specified some outdoor lighting to accentuate features of the building. But if you haven’t had an exterior lighting discussion with your architect or engaged a landscape designer to plan the finish of your exterior then we’re here to help guide you and walk you through the exterior lighting planning process.

As with your interior lighting it’s important to think about the types of lighting you need to create the effect you want. Whether for security, landscape or dramatic effect, exterior lights can transform how you see and understand a building or pathway.

The main starting point when considering exterior lighting is establish the primary design goal: are you hoping to identify key features, add drama to surfaces that don’t normally stand out, or to simply create a clear path and entryway?

Task Lighting: It’s important to start with task lighting for illuminating pathways and entrances. Task lighting is paramount when performing specific tasks. This type of outdoor lighting can be achieved by using pathway lights, deck lighting and outdoor step tread lights.

Ambient Lighting: This lighting provides an area with overall outdoor lighting. Usually, these are outdoor wall lights or post lights. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting, which radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk safely.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting adds drama to an outdoor space by creating visual interest. Take time to plan and focus your lighting for particular features: walkways, the doorway, landscaping. You can highlight trees, planting areas and architectural details. This type of lighting is usually provided by spotlights. Here, up lighting can be used to create drama with a taller structure or tree.

We are here to help guide you and if you need assistance to plan your exterior lighting or choosing the right fixture then please contact our team on 0508 222 678 or email us here



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