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All those HVAC industry jargons explained

What does HVAC mean?

You often hear the term HVAC bantered around. It’s not some scientific formula it’s actually an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Removing some of the jargon:

To confuse things more in the world of HVAC there is a single split system and a multi split system. But don’t worry they are really one the same and we define them more accurately below for those of you wanting to understand the difference fully.

What’s a single split heat pump? Their Use: A single room heat pump provides a heating and cooling solution to one specific area or room such as a bedroom, lounge or main living area. High walls are the common solution here.

More about them…

For heating and cooling an area of your home or small commercial space, a single split heat pump system will provide heating and cooling to a specific area such as a lounge or the main living area of your home or a central space in a small office.

A single split air conditioning system is made up of two parts: an inside unit and an outside unit. The inside unit holds the evaporator coils and blower, and this is kept inside the house; it also doubles as your control with a display for the options needed for the air conditioner including temperature and fan speed control. The outside unit, kept externally to the home, holds the compressor and condensing coils. The common types of single split systems are Hi-wall units or cassette units.

What’s a multi split system?

Their Use:

Multi-systems are ideal for buildings which require the temperature control of multiple rooms with individual controls in each room.

More about them…

For temperature control across multiple rooms a multi-split system is ideal for homes or commercial buildings with limited ducting or outdoor space. A multi-split system works in much the same way as the single-split systems with the additional internal outlets and controls for separate areas.

A multi-split system can also combine a variety of air conditioning units, including wall, floor and ceiling mounted units. Where there is a lack of space or need to reduce the number of outdoor units, multi-split systems hold a distinctive advantage over several single split units and can be operated individually to maintain individual temperature control in each area giving greater control.

These systems are not limited to just one type of indoor unit, they can combine wall, floor, ceiling mounted air conditioning units and even air curtains for commercial applications.

What Is a Ducted Air Conditioner? Ducted air conditioners are common in the workplace, shopping centres and other large areas, but they are also becoming increasingly more popular within residential homes. They involve a central location where the air is treated, then sent by fans through a system of ducts and into each room. Ducted air conditioners are great for keeping large areas at a uniform temperature. With their increasing popularity in high end homes there are now custom ranges where the outlets (grilles) are almost hidden.

Talk to our team to find out more about what will work for you in your home.

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