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Electrical project Queenstown | Landmark Homes

This stunning new build in Queenstown was a residential project completed by the AMPT Electrical Queenstown team recently and is now entered in the HOY Award by Landmark Homes.

The client wanted a lighting plan and audio visual system that delivered for each space within the home. From feature lighting to create the wow factor to zoned audio throughout the home to data and security this project highlights a full scope of electrical delivery.

When creating the lighting plan with the client there were a range of specifics that needed attention. From feature lighting to task and speciality lighting for areas of focus and ambient lighting to reflect the mood the client wanted to create in each space.

Throughout the home are a range of integrated lighting fixtures within ceilings and cabinetry strategically placed to create the effect desired by the client. The home features a range of artwork and much like an art gallery these pieces have been given the attention and focus through the lighting choice and lighting placement.

Ampt Electrical are Electricians managing all aspects of residential projects. From lighting design, planning and installation to Audio visual, data and security. Queenstown Electricians

Home built by Landmark Homes


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